I'm Jane, the founder, designer and writer of  Pawbellish.

Pawbellish owner and Tootsie The Chi

I created this blog in 2016, to offer a place for dog moms like you; to be inspired, gather information and discover fun projects to make for yourself and your dog.  All of the content is inspired by my lifelong love of animals, nature, and creative expression.

Pawbellish's mission is to add a little sparkle to you and your furbaby's life!

I enjoy getting to know you, my reader, and learning about your dog(s).   Please feel free to reach out to me by email or connect with me on your favorite social media platform! Facebook and Twitter are two of my favorite communities to hangout and connect! You can find all of my accounts at the top right of this page, just look for those pink icons πŸ’–

Wishing you and your dog happy days, adorned with love!


Now that you have met our human, it's time to meet the fur and feathered one!  We are the most important part of the Pawbellish Team.  Why you ask?  Because we provide our human with lots of inspiration through our daily antics, cuddles, face licks and unconditional love πŸ’–

Blue quaker parrot eating strawberries
Head Assistant
Hi! I'm Iris, a blue Quaker Parrot, head assistant to the human.  I've been living with the human since I was two months old, spoke my first words at 2 1/2 weeks after I moved in with the human.  I love holding conversations with Mom, and if I think you are pretty special, I might talk to you too!  My favorite pastime, besides talking, would be eating!

Tootsie The chihuahua of Pawbellish Blog
Tootsie The Chi

Woof! I'm Tootsie, an AKC Chihuahua, rescued by the human.  My human says I'm a very sweet princess.  I used to live with a very nice lady with several other Chihuahuas.  The nice lady was helping me to find a forever home.  Then one day, I met the human, I really enjoyed spending time with her and decided she was the one to be my forever Momma.

You will see me on occasion in Momma 's posts here on the blog. I've taken over Pawbellish's  Instagram account  for the most part! Go check it out some time and see what I've been up to πŸ’–


Brystol our new adoptee

Woof!  I'm Brystol, a chocolate labrador and newest member of the family.  The human and Tootsie just adopted me a few months ago! I know I'm not a small dog, but I'm hoping Momma and Tootsie will include me here on the blog real soonπŸ’–


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