Helpful Tips For The Multi Pet Household

Having a multi pet household can be both enjoyable and challenging.  Multiple pets means more joy as well as more work.

Helpful Tips for the Multi Pet Household | Pawbellish | Tips and ideas to making living with multiple dogs and  cats more enjoyable.

 Here are some tips that will make living with multiple dogs, cats and feathered friends more enjoyable.

  • Cover your couches and chairs with lightweight blankets or quilts.  You can change these out for the seasons and holidays.  They can easily be thrown in the wash to remove dirt, pet dander, fur and feathers.
Couch and pillow covers protect your furniture from dog fur and pet dander.

  • Use covers for your throw pillows.  You can change them out for the seasons, or just to give your couch a new look.  Throw them in the wash often to keep your pillows looking and smelling clean.
  • Change out your full doors for halves.  Great way to keep the dogs out of the cat litter,  out of rooms you don't want them to have access to, and much more pleasant than climbing over baby gates.
Half door to keep dogs out of the cats room

  • Install a dog door. Your dogs will thank you! Gives your dogs the opportunity to go outside when you are not available to potty them, keeping down on unwanted accidents indoors. For pet's safety, be sure the door leads to a secure, fenced area of your yard.  If you have cats that you don't want going outside, you can install a dog door with a security sensor. 
Dog door to allow your pet a way to enter a secure, fenced area when you are not available to potty them.

  • Ditch the wall to wall carpeting. Install hardwood, linoleum, or ceramic tile flooring.  It will make cleaning much easier, cut down on allergens, and help keep fleas at bay.
Flooring options, such as ceramic tile, linoleum, and hardwood versus carpeting, for the multi pet household

  • Use washable area rugs vs carpeted rugs.  It's much easier to throw a rug in the washer versus shampooing a carpeted area rug.
Dog sleeping on a washable throw rug

Since implementing this list in our home, our cleaning routine is much quicker and more pleasant.  We can now use a quick dust mop on the flooring, in between deep cleanings.  Furniture is protected with throws and covers.  Cats are able to escape to rooms that are free of dogs.  We no longer have to worry about flea infestations in carpeting  and the house smells much nicer!

When guests are expected, it's a quick five minute switch for fresh, clean pillows, couches, chairs and rugs.

Do you have a decor or cleaning hack you use in your multi pet household?  Would love to hear all about it ❤

Until next time... hug your furbabies, and happy cleaning!

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