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Audrey Hepburn Quotes Shared By Dogs

Dogs have a magical way of lifting our spirits, and providing inspiration in our daily lives, wouldn't you agree?

When I've had a tough day or week,  my favorite pick me up, is to snuggle
with my dog, a blanket, sip on a cup of coffee and read some great inspirational quotes.

I've always enjoyed reading the quotes of famous people.  Especially inspirational quotes.  Some of my favorite quotes are by Audrey Hepburn.

Inspirational Audrey Hepurn Quotes with a dog's interpretation.

I thought it would be nice, to incorporate a few inspirational quotes, with some images of dogs.  After all, dogs do offer quite a bit of inspiration in our daily lives.

Today I'm sharing with you, seven inspirational quotes of Audrey Hepburn with a dog's interpretation.

The Life of Pets With Allergies

Since sharing Tootsie's allergy diagnosis, I have learned of many other dogs and cats in the pet community who suffer with some form of allergies.

It can be overwhelming and saddening to find out that your precious fur baby has an allergy.

Tootsie the Chihuahua dealing with her allergy symptoms

I wanted to share with you the stories of other pets who suffer, who have overcome their allergies, as well as some great resource articles. My hope is that you find a useful tip, or solution, for comforting your pet with their allergy symptoms.  If anything, know that you and your fur baby are not alone.

My Dog Has Allergies, What To Do Part Two

A few weeks ago I found out that Tootsie has allergies.  How did I find out? A visit to the vet for a suspected ear infection... If you missed the news, you can read all about Tootsie's visit to the vet

Tootsie the Chi: My Dog Has Allergies

So naturally, my first question to the veterinarian, when I found out Tootsie had allergies, was what can I do to help her.

The vet explained to me that my dog's allergies were more than likely caused by her food, since she is mostly an indoor dog.  It was highly recommended that I change her food.

So of course, I had lots of questions about what type of food to feed her and what to avoid.  The veterinarian recommended I find a high quality food from a reputable pet food store.  She suggested a shop in our area and for Tootsie to go with me for a consultation.

My dog has allergies? Part One

Meet Tootsie the Chi, my precious, adorable Chihuahua.  Six pounds of cuteness, my pride and joy.  The last thing I ever expected to hear was that my dog has allergies.  What? My dog has allergies?!

Tootsie The Chi, my dog has allergies

More Than A Dozen Pet Names Inspired By Food

Growing up, we always had a few fur babies in our home, as well as feathered and finned ones!

Collage of fur, feathered and finned pets. Find a pet name in this list,  inspired by food

Over the years, we came up with some interesting names for our pets, to say the least.

 My Dad had a rule, none of our pets could be named after a human.  Their name had to be a fictional character, an adjective, an object or a place.

When I became an adult, I carried on this tradition of pet naming criteria, my favorite are those inspired by nature.   It seems this tradition has  rubbed off on my children as well!  My one child is drawn to naming pets after their favorite snacks or food.

So in honor of my wonderful childhood memories and my amazing children, I'm sharing a few pet names!  You guessed it, of course they are food related!

7 Fun Places To Visit With Your Dog This Summer

Happy Summer!  Wouldn't you agree this is the best time of year to spend time with your family and friends!  There are so many wonderful places to visit and activities to participate in.

Dog enjoying Summer at the Beach

As a pet parent, I'm sure you want to include your dog in the Summer activities, as much as possible.  With that in mind, here are seven fabulous places to visit, with your dog, this Summer!

Whether you are looking for fun in the sun, on land or in water, this list has something for everyone!

DIY Fashion Necklace for Dog Lovers

Have you ever been shopping to find the perfect necklace, to express the love for your dog?  Spend hours, upon hours, searching and come up empty handed?  Yes? Me too!

It can be quite frustrating when you know what you want and can visualize it, but not find it!  

I have good news! You can make your own necklace, just like the one pictured here, or a variation of.

The perfect charm necklace for dog lovers with a 36 inch chain and Poodle Paris themed charms

Keep on reading, I'll show you how to make your own diy fashion necklace.  This is a super easy project and lots of fun!
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